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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My "couple" assignment

I wanted to share this beautiful photo. This is Anwyn and her sister Morgan. These two beautiful girls helped me with my "couple" assignment. 

As it usually goes, I had something different in mind and couldn't get it just right but then this happened and I was so happy. We shot this in our back yard, on the little patch of grass we own in Vegas;) 
I used one Alien Bee light with an umbrella to the right of the girls.

A while ago I downloaded several free Photoshop actions off the Internet. I love playing with them and seeing what they do to my photographs. I must say that my favorite here is the orange tint photo but I would have to spend a lot more time fixing it for large print because it created some unwanted lines. 

So my next favorite is the dreamy Coffee action. I love how soft and romantic that image looks. 
I wish I knew who to give credit to for these actions, I don't, my apology.

For school I mounted my Coffee print and also printed the "regular" one just in case my teacher doesn't agree with me:)

Hope you love these pictures as much as I do and again - thank you, ladies!!!!!!! 

A18 Action


What really happens!!!!!!!:) Getting our yard ready for Easter;)

Monday, March 5, 2012


My friend Petra posed for my school JUMP assignment. 
She had to jump about 50 times, OK maybe less but I'm sure her legs were killing her the next day. We went to Lake Las Vegas for this shoot. Initially I had a different idea, I wanted her in their beautiful street but the weather was wonderful that day and the street was too busy. So we had to step away and I'm so happy that we found these wonderful stairs. 
I love this image, to me it looks like my Mary Poppins is about to fly up these stairs. 
I love the desaturated version, the umbrella was originally red but I think this way it is not the focal point of this image. I shot Petra at 400 ISO because it was getting dark outside and 1/1000 to catch her. Great job, Petra, thank you so much for your help!!!!!!
PS. Vera, thank you for your help as well!!!