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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My "couple" assignment

I wanted to share this beautiful photo. This is Anwyn and her sister Morgan. These two beautiful girls helped me with my "couple" assignment. 

As it usually goes, I had something different in mind and couldn't get it just right but then this happened and I was so happy. We shot this in our back yard, on the little patch of grass we own in Vegas;) 
I used one Alien Bee light with an umbrella to the right of the girls.

A while ago I downloaded several free Photoshop actions off the Internet. I love playing with them and seeing what they do to my photographs. I must say that my favorite here is the orange tint photo but I would have to spend a lot more time fixing it for large print because it created some unwanted lines. 

So my next favorite is the dreamy Coffee action. I love how soft and romantic that image looks. 
I wish I knew who to give credit to for these actions, I don't, my apology.

For school I mounted my Coffee print and also printed the "regular" one just in case my teacher doesn't agree with me:)

Hope you love these pictures as much as I do and again - thank you, ladies!!!!!!! 

A18 Action


What really happens!!!!!!!:) Getting our yard ready for Easter;)

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