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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My 5 "on the wall" images...

Another semester is over, another portrait class is behind me. I must say this one was quite hard and I learned more than in any other class before. I was very nervous because at the end of our class we had four of Vegas photographers come to judge our work. They chose 35 images to be displayed on the walls of our campus. Let me just say that I was praying for ONE out of the 206!!!! I ended up with 6!!!! I couldn't be happier! Here are 5 of them...

Thank you everyone for your help!!!!!!! I would be nowhere without you!!!!

Michelle and her beautiful doggie was #2 out of the whole class.

This image was #3.

This one was #6.

I love this image!
And this one is on there too - with Starbucks cup and all!!!;)

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